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Julie Devonald

I have been working with chocolate for over twenty years, but I did not follow the conventional chocolatier route. I studied textile design before temporarily working with the leading British chocolatier of the time, Gerard Ronay during the Easter rush. I caught the bug, and continued to work under his tutelage for three years, experimenting with colour and design. I went on to work with other award-winning London-based chocolate houses before founding The Chocolate Libertine in 2008.

Our Products

Everything at The Chocolate Libertine is handmade and our founding principle is to put artistic creativity at the heart of everything we make. Chocolate is a fascinating medium to work with and we treat each piece like a design project. However, it's a science as well as an art; the crystalline structure of chocolate opens up amazing possibilities. We use it as paint, modelling clay or combine it with other ingredients for flavour and colour, manipulating it to create exclusive original pieces.

Devising the premium novelty figurines for which we are best known entails combining traditional techniques - piping and laminating layers of different coloured chocolate, with the innovative use of laquered cocoa butter and luster for a painterly effect. We also apply these techniques to more traditional products such as bars and thins, giving them an artistic, quirky or retro edge.

Of course, we always use the finest Belgian chocolate, the best natural ingredients and premium flavours in our products to ensure the tasting experience is as good as the visual!

As such, The Chocolate Libertine creates unique products which are perfect to give, receive and taste!

Our Workshop

Based in Stoke Poges in Buckinghamshire, our workshop team is small and dedicated. It is vital to us that everything we do at The Chocolate Libertine is handmade - we use minimal machinery, still temper on marble, and hand pack to ensure every product meets our exacting standards.

Please get in touch with us via our enquiry form if you would like our wholesale brochure, and to discuss any bespoke requirements you may have.



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